The King Charles Spaniel is a breed of small dog in spaniel category known for its reserved, gentle, affectionate and well-mannered temperament. However, just like other dogs, training is necessary to teach this breed what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior.
There are many objectives of training a dog. From the most basic obedience commands to more advanced training such as training to be a guide or rescue dog, all these are possible as long as you know what it takes to train a dog.

Start socializing your compact and cobby King Charles Spaniel as early as three weeks of age. It is important that the pup is socialized during this period to enhance interaction and social relationships on his later life. At eight weeks of age, a puppy can start learning basic commands and tricks provided he is physically fit to do the activity.

Regardless of the training objective, punishment-based training method should not be used. Being gentle and affectionate breed, a King Charles Spaniel responds well to encouragement along with a cheerful voice, favorite treat and lots of praise.

Once properly trained, a King Charles Spaniel can be one of the most admirable dogs that everybody loves to be around.