King charles spaniels are known for their high sociability and friendly nature.  However, if you don’t properly socialize your dog, your cavalier may not develop these attributes.  Therefore, from an early age, you need to make sure that your king charles experiences positive social interactions with both humans and fellow canines.

Socializing your king charles spaniels will take time, so don’t overwhelm him, and don’t expect immediate results.  Furthermore, you cannot assume that how your spaniel reacts with one person or dog, will be the same for every person and pooch he meets.  Children, teens and adults, as well as different small, medium and large dog breeds, will interact with your pet differently, so treat every social interaction as an individual experience.  

The following is what you need to keep in mind when socializing your cavalier king charles spaniel:

Bond with your dog – Socialization begins with you.  Your pooch needs to be comfortable and content with you.  He must establish trust through the affection, attention, and training you provide him.

Have your cavalier interact with children – This breed is very good with children of all ages, but you need to make sure that kids know how to treat the dog with respect and care, especially because of his delicate size.  This means teaching them how to pet, play and talk with him.  You should supervise children when they play with the pooch to ensure both theirs and the dog’s safety.   

Familiarize your neighbors with your pooch – Make sure your neighbors – particularly those you see and associate with often – know the name of your dog, and have properly greeted him.  Have them offer their hand to your pet, with their fingers firmly together and their palm facing towards the animal.  Allow your king charles spaniels the chance to sniff the person and accept them.  This process should be repeated for every new person your dog meets, including regular delivery people (I.E. mailman).

Allow him to make friends with other canines – Have your dog interact with other dogs, both outside and inside your home and in the homes of other dogs if possible.  Start socialization in a public place, such as a park and/or obedience classes where dogs are less likely to be territorial.  Always make sure it is alright with the other owner before you allow your pal to greet the other doggie

Socializing is an extremely important part of the growth and development of a king charles spaniels personality.  Remember; introduce him to new people and experiences, so he can become a positive and well-liked member of your community.