A king charles rescue is a place that provides shelter and care to dogs that are lost, abused, unwanted, or have been surrendered by their previous owners.  However, it is not uncommon for recues to not be recognized for their significance within a community.  What many people don’t realize is that without the care of dedicated volunteer workers, many cavaliers and other breeds would never get a second chance at being part of a family, or know the joy of being wanted and loved.

To help you better understand the purpose of a king charles rescue, the following is a brief breakdown of the different ways in which these organizations help make a difference in the lives of unfortunate canines:

Dogs are saved from being euthanized – Every year, millions of dogs in the U.S. are abandoned, surrendered and lost.  Animal shelters are not capable of keeping and caring for every pooch that finds himself without an owner.  As a result, some shelters have no other alternative but to euthanize a dog if it is not claimed or adopted in a few weeks.  Sadly, the reason is the shelter cannot afford to keep the dog, especially when more arrive each day.    Thus, in many situations a spaniel rescue will work with a shelter, and take the cavaliers that could not be help.

Abandoned dogs are not turned away – Every king charles rescue has its own regulations, but most will take in any pooch that has been left on their doorstep, or a lost dog they may find.  Some rescues will also allows owners to relinquish their cavalier king charles directly to them.

A warm, clean and loving environment to stay in – All canines that are rescued are provided with comfortable living arrangements, whether it is at the actual main rescue center, or in a foster home.  Pooches can feel secure, and are given attention, affection, playtime, exercise, socialization, training, food and treats.  

Health care – King charles recue take all dogs to the veterinarian for a checkup.  Many rescue animals have basic illnesses, such as fleas, worms, etc. that can be easily taken care of.  However, others suffer from more serious conditions.  Rescue workers do everything they can for a dog to address their health issues, and many are provided with the medical attention they need thanks to the help of money donations made by generous dog lovers and others in the community who want to help.

Find homes – Recues will attempt to find homes for the dogs they take in through various methods.   They may send out flyers, have a website, may host events (I.E. adoption day), or do various other forms of advertising to raise public awareness.

The goal of the king charles rescue is to provide cavaliers’ with a second chance at finding a good home with a loving family through adoption.  You can do your best to support rescues by adopting or sponsoring a dog, volunteering your time, and supporting the organizations with monetary and doggie item donations.