Pleasing your king charles dog is not a difficult task, as all dogs are generally happy and content with the basic necessities of life, and as long as they are with you.  However, there are ways that you can upset your little pal without even realizing it.   While it will not always be possible to not disappoint your pooch, some unpleasant issues can be avoided or limited.

The following are some things your king charles dog may dislike:

  • Being left home alone – No canine likes to be without his pack, and your cavalier king charles spaniel is no different.  He will want to be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unfortunately for him, this is not possible, and he will have to learn to deal with your absence when you are work, at the gym, at dinner, or enjoying other activities that don’t include your pet.  To make your time apart more bearable for your cavalier, make sure to lavish plenty of attention and affection on him soon after you get home, and leave him with good toys and treats when you leave.
  • False promises – No one likes to be teased or lied to, and neither will your king charles dog.  Don’t tell your dog one thing, and do another, or promise to take him for a walk or a car ride and not follow through with it.  This is cruel.  If you keep breaking your word, your pet will eventually begin to ignore you, and become less obedient.
  • Loud abrupt noises – fireworks, thunder, surround sound speakers, vacuums, etc., are all noises that can upset and frighten dogs.  Every breed, and individual spaniel, will react differently to the sounds.  If your pup is bothered by loud noises, remain calm and tell you dog everything is alright.  Make sure the place where he usually sleeps is available to him, such as his crate.  This will provide him with comfort.  Do not provide your dog with treats, or extra attention (unless engaging them in play), because you don’t want to give them the impression that you are rewarding them for being scared.  This attention will only make the next time worse.
  • Extreme weather – Your king charles dog will be very uncomfortable in hot and humid weather, and the freezing cold.  He may also dislike being out in heavy rain.  Provide him with a coat or sweater in the winter, and make sure you take him for very short walks in extreme weather.  Moreover, do not leave him outside in severe temperatures.
  • Grooming– It is common for a king charles to dislike being combed, bathed, have their nails clipped, teeth brushed, and so on.  However, grooming is a necessary part of their care and should not be avoided to please your pooch.  Therefore, to improve the experience…
    • Introduce it to him as a puppy
    • Don’t try to do it all at once
    • Be gentle and soothing
    • Talk or sing to your pet
    • Reward with a treat
    • Keep grooming time as short as possible

Knowing what upsets your king charles dog will help you to provide him with the best possible care.  Remember, dogs are happy-go-lucky creatures.  Include them in your everyday life as much as possible, and you’ll have a very content best friend.