Cavalier king charles puppies are suitable for anyone interested in making a dog part of their family.  It does not matter if the person wishing to own the pup lives alone, has a partner, has children, or is a senior.  Cavaliers are an ideal choice because of their small size, easy trainability, and friendly and loveable nature.  A King charles spaniel puppy is happy to live with anyone, anywhere and will be a devoted companion for life.

What should you consider if you decide cavalier king charles puppies are for you?  The following are the different steps you need to take:

Step 1 – Educate yourself about the breed.  Find out everything there is to know about king charles spaniels, such as their temperament, health problems, grooming requirements, life expectancy, etc.

Step 2 – Choose a color. These spaniels are available in four different coat colors:

  • Blenheim – White with red markings
  • Tricolor – White coat with black markings and a few small tan marks
  • Ruby – Solid red coat
  • Black and Tan – Black with tan markings

If the color matters, you will need to find a breeder that can provide you with what you are looking for.

Step 3 – Locate an ethical breeder.  You can find cavalier king charles puppies for sale in pet stores, in the classified section of your newspaper, and online.  You should avoid pet stores altogether as they obtain their pups from disreputable sources.  Furthermore, you should investigate any breeder that interests you before making any final decisions.  Be sure to…

  • Ask plenty of questions
  • Insist on seeing the litter before purchasing and taking home  a pup
  • Find out what the environment looks like that the pup is bred, born and raised in, and so on.

Step 4 – Look for signs of illness in a puppy.  Pick up the dog you will be purchasing, and carefully observe what he looks like and how he responds to you.  You don’t want a dog that shies away, has red or seeping eyes, is missing patches of fur, or displays any signs of aggression. Make sure you learn about all the potential health problems cavalier king charles puppies can suffer from, and ask the breeder if there are any hereditary illness in the breeding line, find out if the puppies have had the necessary vaccinations, etc.

Step 5 – Find a veterinarian.  Choose a vet for your new puppy.  It’s a good idea to choose an animal doctor that is experienced with cavalier spaniels.  Remember, it is more important that the vet is a dog person than a people person.
Owning cavalier king charles puppies is a huge responsibility that requires time, effort, affection, patience and money.  If you are willing to take on this task, your reward will be the unconditional love of a beautiful dog that will bring you plenty of joy and happiness.