House training is an important part of every dog’s life – be it a King Charles Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or any other dog breed. The goal of the house training is to teach a dog to do the right thing – to urinate/defecate at the right time and at the right place.

Though seems difficult, house training a King Charles Spaniel is not impossible. You just have to be patient and determined in achieving your goals. Puppies are easier to train given the fact that they have not yet developed bad habits that are hard to break. But do not think that adult dogs are impossible to train. Know that adult dogs can be house trained in the same way as puppies.

To help your dog establish regular potty schedule, it is a great idea to feed him on regular basis (almost the same time everyday). Then take your pet to eliminate after meals, also after drinking, immediately after waking, after playing or exercise, when excited and before going to sleep.

Another way to avoid accidents inside the house is to watch for signs indicating that your dog has to go. These signs include sniffing around, circling round in one spot or holding the tail high. Keep your eyes open and be quick to respond to these signs – or else you will have to endure arduous tasks cleaning the mess he created.